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The most succesful Dutch circumnavigation to date.
SPILBERGEN, Joris van & Jacob LE MAIRE. Oost ende West-Indische spiegel der 2 leste navigatien, ghedaen inden jaeren 1614.15.16.17 ende 18. daer in vertoont woort in wat gestalt Joris van Speilbergen door de Magellanes de werelt rontom geseylt heeft, meet eenighe battalien so te water als te lant, ende 2 historien de een van Oost ende de ander van West-Indien, het ghetal der forten, soldaten, schepen. ende gheschut. Met de Australische navigatien, van Jacob le Maire, die int suyden door een nieuwe Streat ghepasseert is, met veel wonders so landen, volcken, ende natien, haer ontmoet zijn ... Leyden, Nicolaes van Geelkercken, 1619.
Oblong 8vo. Modern vellum. With fine engraving on title-page and 25 engraved maps and plates. 192 pp.
First edition. - Joris van Spilbergen (Antwerp 1568 - Bergen op Zoom 1620) was appointed in 1614 to head an expedition to the East Indies for the East India Company (VOC) by way of the Strait of Magellan to reassert Dutch claims to access into the Pacific from the east. The first attack on the Spanish was made on Santa Maria in Chili. He went on north to Valparaiso, Acapulco, further along the Mexican coast. In 1616 he reached Guam and Manila and thence to Ternate and Java. Joris van Spilbergen was the second Dutchman to circumnavigate the world. He discovered land along what is now the coast of California. 'Spilbergen had succeeded in establishing the power and reputation of the Dutch East India Company. In Java he took on board the crew of Le Maire and Schouten whose vessels had been confiscated. Le Maire and Schouten had discovered several small islands, Staten Landt, and the Straits of Le Maire, and had been the first to round Cape Horn' (Hill 1619). 'Spilbergen's voyage was the most succesful Dutch circumnavigation to date. The fleet had kept together, there had been little loss of Dutch life, and the expedition had metted a considerable profit for its sponsors' (Howgego S159). A short survey of another of the most important early voyages around the world, by Schouten and Le Maire in the years 1615 to 1617, is added at the end (Australische navigatien). It reports Le Maire's proof that Tierra del Fuego is an island and his discovery of what is still called the Strait of Le Maire, an alternative route to the Pacific. 'The Mirror is an extremely important book for the history of Dutch navigation' ( Borba de Moraes p.827). Including a folding world map, a folding map of South East Asia, a double-page map of the Pacific and South America, and views of islands and ports (4 double-page).- A very fine copy of the two famous Dutch circumnavigations.
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Exhibitor: Gert Jan Bestebreurtje Rare Books

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