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Children at play
SAINT-AUBIN, AUGUSTIN DE. C'est ici les différens jeux des Petits Polissons de Paris. Paris, l'auteur, n.d. 6 folio plates, held in a red morocco portfolio and slipcase (slipcase sl. dam.). by Devauchelle. Size of plates 218 x 180 mm, size of paper 380 x 279 mm. A beautiful series in perfect condition. Complete set of 6 plates drawn and engraved by Augustin de Saint-Aubin (1736-1807) showing different games played by the young Parisian children at the end of the eighteenth century.The last plate shows running, dancing and jumping children after school is out. This series was initially published around 1770. The present set is from a later printing, probably around the middle of the nineteenth century. Sets of both printings are rare. Each plate has a small blue circular stamp on the verso with the text 'Seine Colportage' that is found on prints from this period. Augustin de Saint-Aubin (1736 - 1807), belongs to an important dynasty of French designers and engravers. In his lifetime, Augustin was considered the most successful of the siblings, but he is the one about whom least is now known. In 1776 he was appointed as the official engraver at the Bibliothèque Royale (Royal Library).
Exhibitor: Knuf Rare Books

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