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Asher Rare Books
Tuurdijk 16
3997 MS 't Goy - Houten
The Netherlands


Julius W. Steiner


+31-30-6011955 +31-30-6011955



Attractive watercolour of a species of tiger lily
[VINNE, Jan Jansz. van der]. [Tiger lily]. [Netherlands, ca. 1780?]. Watercolour on a half sheet of laid paper (42.5 x 27.5 cm), mounted on wove paper. The watercolour shows a few faint traces of pencil and and has a border of pencil lines 3 mm from the edge of the paper. With a few notes on the mount, including an old reference number in ink: "3.11.66 Gevers" ("66" is not a year but may be a lot or item number).In a passepartout.

Attractive watercolour drawing of one of the several similar looking species of lily known as tiger lily, with their particular spotted red/orange flowers, probably Lilium lancifolium, native to Japan and other parts of Asia. The drawing is not signed, but can be attributed to the Dutch flower painter Jan Jansz. van der Vinne (1734-1805), one of the members of a family of notable artists.
The old reference number ("3.11.66 Gevers") indicates it belonged to a member of the Dutch Patrician family Gevers. Christies suggests this refers to Abraham Paulusz. Gevers (1712-1780), but Aarnout Gevers (1714-1788), alderman of Rotterdam, seems more likely, or possibly even other members of his family such as Paulus Abrahamsz. Gevers (1741-1797) or Abraham Arnoutsz. Gevers (1782-1827), all known collectors.
Dozens of botanical drawings by the Van der Vinne family ended up in the Krelage collection, auctioned in 1948. They were all bought by the same collector and most finally ended up at a Christies auction in 1989, but it didn't include our present drawing. This sale did include four other watercolours by Jan Jansz. van der Vinne, each with a Gevers reference number very close to the present and three with the same C & I Honig countermark (the other was watermarked: Pro Patria -- likely the same paper stock).
With only some thumbing on the mounting paper, otherwise in very good condition.
Cf. Christie's, Dutch, Flemish and German drawings (Amsterdam, 21-11-1989), 126-129; Hertzberger, Catalogue of the botanical library of Dr. E.H. Krelage, Haarlem (1948), 291-309; for Gevers: Engel, Alphabetical list of Dutch zoological cabinets and menageries, pp. 93-95; Ned. Patricaat XII (1921-1922), p. 176.
Exhibitor: Asher Rare Books

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