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GILLÉ, J.G. (Joseph Gaspard). Recueil Des Divers Caractères, Vignettes et Ornemens [sic] de La Fonderie et Imprimerie J.F. Gillé. Paris, rue Saint-Jean-de-Beauvais, division du Panthéon, Année 1808. Folio. 96ff. Vellum spine, marbled boards. Binding very worn & rubbed, trace of label with name and address of Gillé on front cover. Contains the following ff: 1-3: brown cover paper, no text, but decorative border printed recto & verso. Right margin cut short. Same paper as used for endpapers on verso of frontcover; 4: Receuil de divers... 1808. Titlepage. Loose; 5: blank; 6-7: Exposé des objets qui composent ma fonderie & prix. 4to. ff 7 printed recto/verso. No date, but mention "Medaille obtenue en l'an X"; 8: Notice des impressions dont je puis me charger. 1809. 4to.; 9-10: Notice des impressions dont je puis me charger. 1809. 4to. Printed on different paper as ff 8 and with a sample of an official letter attached; 11: blank. 4to. (part of ff 8 - 9-10 bound inside 8-11); 12-13: Prospectus de nouvelles gravures sur bois... Collection dont la souscription est proposée par Gillé...; 14-15: Prospectus d'un nouvel manuel typographique. No date; 16-17: (no title, contains:) 16 vignettes; 18-19: Caractères de la fonderie de Gillé fils; 20-21: Titres de la fonderie et imprimerie de Gillé fils à Paris. No date.; 22-29: Epreuves de caractères d'écriture, de la fonderie et imprimerie de Gillé fils, rue Saint-Jean-de-Beauvais, no. 18 à Paris. 1808?; 30-33: Objets qui composent mes fonderies. No date; 34-39: Choix de nouvelles vignettes. No date; 40-45: Choix de nouvelles vignettes. Supplement. No date; 46-48: Vignettes nouvelles faisant suite au supplement. No date; 49: Accolades de la fonderie de Gillé fils, à Paris. No date; 50-80: Epreuves de vignettes et fleurons gravés sur bois et politypés des fonderie et imprimerie de Gillé, rue Saint-Jean-de-Beauvais, no. 18. Paris, de l'imprimerie de Gillé fils, 1808; 81: blank; 82-85: (no title) Passe-partouts. no date. Loose; 86: Mr. Gillé, selon la demande bien établiés peut livrer de presses de toutes grandeurs. No date. Planche d'une presse; 87-88: (no title) Specimens large handwriting. No date. Loose; 89-90: Nouveaux caractères d'affiches de la fonderie et imprimerie de Gillé fils à Paris. No date. (loose); 81: Folding sheet of greenish paper with "Theatre" in large letters within a decorative border. Below the text: "De l'Imprimerie de Gillé fils à Paris". No date; 92: Titres de la fonderie et imprimerie de Gillé fils, à Paris. No date. (loose); 93: Musique sur deux points des Gros-Romain. No date; 94-96: Blue cover paper, no text, elaborate border like ff 1-3 but here in blue and also used as endpaper for the backcover. Among French type-founders at the end of the eighteenth century, the two Gillé's, père et fils, held a prominent place. The elder Gillé, Joseph, was a distinguished Parisian type-founder... Joseph Gillé was succeeded about 1790 by Joseph Gaspard Gillé fils... He was one of the promoters of the newer styles of ornament, and offered typographic decoration to the printers of France - in a kind of stereotype - which he felt sure - or so he asserted - was in design and method of reproduction to overthrow the superannuated woodcuts of the ancien régime" (Fleuron 6, pp. 167 etc.; D.B. Updike, 'A translation of the reports of Berlier & Sobry on Types of Gillé fils'). Gillé fils was influenced by Didot in the design of his lush vignettes, borders and rules. His house specialized in ornaments, fancy letters and script letters. In September 1827 it was bought by Honoré de Balzac.
Exhibitor: Knuf Rare Books

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