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Asher Rare Books
Tuurdijk 16
3997 MS 't Goy - Houten
The Netherlands


Julius W. Steiner


+31-30-6011955 +31-30-6011955



[MEDICINE - RECIPES]. Recepten boek. [The Netherlands], album [ca. 1700], written [ca. 1720] to 1758 or possibly later. Large agenda 8vo. Manuscript in dark brown ink on laid paper, with 1 printed and 10 manuscript slips with recipes loosely inserted (late 18th & early 19th centuries). Recased ca. 1720 in its own original ca. 1700 blind-tooled parchment.

A recipe book in Dutch probably written beginning around 1720 but with additions to at least 1758. Most of the recipes are medicinal, but about 15 written pages near the end, separated from the others by numerous blanks, contain culinary recipes. Among the medicinal recipes one also finds a few for ink, shoe polish and other things. The medicinal recipes include treatments for the plague, rabid dog bites (with another among the inserted slips), jaundice, worms, warts, scurvy, toothache, headache and many other ailments. Unusually, the complier cites about a dozen sources for the medicinal recipes, some from other manuscripts, one from the Utrechtse Courant newspaper (14 August 1721), at least one (Alexis Piemontois, the pen name of Girolamo Ruscelli (1500-1566)) and perhaps more from other printed sources, but most apparently learned by word of mouth. The manuscript attributes at least six recipes (one giving the date 1758) to Professor [Adrianus?] van Royen [the Leiden medical botanist?]; two to a Freule van Golstein in Zutphen (one dated 1720, though someone of that name died in Zutphen in 1798), and two to a Dr. Ode, in one called "neef Ode" (so he may have been a nephew or cousin of the compiler). The culinary recipes include several kinds of pancakes, waffels and "poffertjes" (a popular Dutch treat like tiny puffy pancakes), tarts, cookies and other sweet treats.
Although probably 25 leaves have been removed from the book, they contained an unrelated text, as noted above. The manuscript as it now stands has minor marginal defects at the foot of about 40 leaves (not affecting the text) and occasional minor spots, but is still in good condition. The binding is slightly loose (due to the removed leaves) and the parchment shows a few wrinkles and small spots, but the tooling of the centrepiece is clear. A charming manuscript recipe book in Dutch, both medicinal and culinary.

pp. [15], 16, 23-188, 197-386, [387]-[412] (minus 16 scattered pp.), including integral paste-downs, and about 160 pp. blank except for the page number.
Exhibitor: Asher Rare Books

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