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Die Lambeth Apokalypse - Apocalypse of Lambeth Palace.
N.n. Die Lambeth Apokalypse - Apocalypse of Lambeth Palace. Stuttgart; 1990; Coron Verlag / Verlag Müller & Schindler. 2 Volumes: 1. Exact reproductionof the original manuscript MS 209 (made in 1260) of the Canterbury Library. . Manuscript in red leather binding, spine with 5 raised bands, with silver corner fittings, front emblem of the Bibliotheca Lambethana and two clasps. 112 pages; 78 halfpage richly gilt miniatures, one introduction image and 28 other full page miniatures. Minatures with gold plated decorations. These decorations are gold plated by hand (real gold 23 1/2 carat). Commentary volume bound in the same leather, spine with 5 raised bands and gilt printed emblem of the Bibliotheca Lambethana. Both volumes (ca. 20x 29 cm) stored in a joint leather case on which a cover of a replica of a Limoges enamel jewelry (with gilt copper): In the center Jesus Christ and in the corners the symbols of the 4 evangelists. On the sides of the box also the symbols of evangelists in gilt copper.2. Text-volume ( in German language) by Ruth Mettler (explanation of the illustrations), Nigel Morgan, Michelle Brown and Frauke steenbock (art-historical comment) Nr. 32 of 250 copies. In excellent condition! Added: Prospect and invoice of the first owner.

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