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Peepshow Box
Peepshow Box for Perspective View, with 42 hand-colored cards (ca. 1760). Standing oak peep box with looking glass (lens) and mirror, inside painted in green, height 53,5 cm, lens diameter 4,5 cm, angled mirror, 5 perspective card slots for cards 14 9 cm. The box comes with 7 series of perspective cards: Gibraltar (2x), Gardening (Warmoesiersthuijn), Bouncing Court (Een Kaats-Baan), Winter, Venice (Venetiën), Shrove Tuesday Amusement in Venice (Venetiaansche Vasten Avonds Vermakelijkheeden). Each series with 6 perspective cards (all together 42 cards). Hand-colored cut-out copper plates with title in old hand to verso of last card. Box probably 19th century. The cards are not marked but undoubtedly made by Martin Engelbrecht (compared with collections found in museums). Cards in excellent condition with very minor damages (bottom of box and wooden strip along mirror not original).
Martin Engelbrecht (1684-1756) and his brother Christian were printsellers and engravers in Augsburg. In the 18th century dioramas became very popular as means of entertainment. Around 1730, the Augsburg copperplate engraver and publisher Martin Engelbrecht created miniature theaters. These consist of 5?8 scenery-like sheets, which create a perspective image if arranged one behind the other. Along with religious themes, these scenes show courtly life, the seasons, city-views, plays and games, etc. The final sheet was whole, and the sheets before it had windows of various sizes and shapes cut out. When viewed all together, they created a three-dimensional scene. These could be the background for small paper figures or puppets. Engelbrecht's creations are now extremely rare.

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