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Life of Jesus in Dutch
Life of Jesus in Dutch [Middle-Dutch translation of the PSEUDO-BONAVENTURE-LUDOLPHIAN, Life of Jesus] i+197 + i folios on paper, no watermarks discernible; neither foliated nor paginated; Binding from the eighteenth century. 35 x 100 mm. Neatly written and carefully corrected manuscript of the so-called Pseudo-Bonaventure-Ludolphian Life of Jesus, a Middle Dutch translation from a Latin account of the life and passion of Christ that encourages the reader to relive and to identify with these events. This manuscript, written for a woman, reflects the late-medieval need, inspired by the Devotio Moderna, for devotional texts in the vernacular as aids for private worship. Copied in the Southern part of the Northern Netherlands (North-Brabant?), c. 1475-1500. Apparently it was made for a woman, given the feminine form "dierne" in "Ic arme sondighe dierne offer di huden dijns een gheboren uutgerecte armen" (f. 180v). Somebody trying to imitate the hand of the scribe wrote "anno .M.CCC.XXXI." in red on f. 197v, following the end of the text. This date 1331 is false. More detailed description upon request.
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