Pre-dating genetics

Illustrated description of the drosophila resp. common-fly


The final state of one of the most famous and influential maps of Amsterdam

Stage-sets for operas and ballets produced at La Scala Milan

Fabulous work including illustrations of exotic stage-sets showing scenes from operas of Pacini, Mozart, Rossini, Meyerbeer and ballets by Carlo Sanquirico and Castellini

Description of the Low Countries

Outstanding ruled copy bound in morocco, fully coloured by a contemporary hand, published by Plantin

Open het graf

First ‘official’ happening in The Netherlands

Sailing to South America

First and only edition of the Dutch translation

Bougainville’s voyage round the world

Hyacinthe de Bougainville’s journey round the world through China, Australia and Valparaiso

Hand-coloured engraved militaria plate book

Depicting the colourful costumes of guards

A watercolored log book

Remarkably illustrated manuscript by a sailor figuring the ports of the Mediterranean and of the young independent America

Dutch church book

Bible and psalms with beautifully elaborate golden clasps

Catalogue imported nature from Ceylon

Register of animals and plants brought to the Netherlands by Paulus Hermann

Le Long’s description of Amsterdam

Bound by the First Stadholder’s Bindery

Early book auction catalogue

The library of Albert Bentes, former Amsterdam Supreme Judge

Liber amicorum with Tischbein

Album amicorum of Marburg students 1787-1789 including a drawing by August Tischbein

Marie de Medici in Holland

Prince’s Essling’s copy of this book finely illustrated by Wenzel Hollar

Artist’s own copy

Superb enriched copy in a superb binding

Optical view of Venice

Rare optical print with a bird’s eye view of the Venetian Grand Canal

Travel diary on Italian architecture

Magnificent manuscript by an architect of a travel to Italy in the footstep of Schinkel

Napoleon’s Dutch honour guard

Extremely rare and beautifully coloured copy

De Gheyn Wapenhandelinghe

Rare first Dutch edition signed and coloured by the author

Manage a country house and estate

Rare Dordrecht Dutch edition

Manuscript Map of the Rhine

Map of the Upper Rhine before its dramatic change – the taming in the early 19th century

Warhol’s children’s book

First edition signed

Libro del famoso Marco Polo

Third Spanish edition of Marco Polo’s Travels, translated by Santaella. Logrono, 1529

German manuscript on Roman History

Presentation manuscript in contemporary burgundy morocco, of Angeloni’s history of Julius Caesar translation into German

Magnificently coloured botanical plates

Rare copy of the Paris edition of the celebrated botanical plates

West Africa

First edition of one of the most interesting of the Dutch 19th century books on West Africa

Six Dutch landscapes

Line drawings by Rademakers of Jaarsveld, Oudekerk aan den IJssel, Tienhoven

Three voyages by James Cook

The three great voyages by the first really scientific navigator

Black Jack

Original photograph by Robert Mapplethorpe and other artworks

Dutch historical monuments

Aquatints of buildings, harbours, statues and cities


One of 150 numbered copies on Arches

How to build a ship

Important manuscript about the organization of the French Royal Navy at the end of the reign of Louis XIV

Book of Hours

Splendid Book of Hours, in unusual Demi-grisaille produced at Burgundy court, 1460

Handcoloured cynology

First edition of an early German work on dogs

Mezzotint The Falconer

A beautifully detailed mezzotint by Samuel Reynolds

Around the Pacific

The famous odyssey of D’Entrecasteaux around Australia and the Pacific islands

Sketch book from the artist’s workshop

Remarkable set of original drawings by the naval painter Antoine Roux (1765-1835)

Newton’s new terrestrial globe 1818

Terrestrial pocket globe by Newton, London, 1818, showing Cook’s third voyage

Portable breviary

With rich floral decoration along the four edges

Woodcuts by M.C. Escher

Rare complete set of Stichting De Roos

Philip III decree expulsing Moors

Moors ordered expelled from Spain; Linschoten´s translation into Dutch

Blaeu’s great work on the Netherlands

First Dutch text edition of Blaeu’s great work on the towns of the Netherlands

236 photographs from ca 1880

Photo’s depicting places and people in Japan, China, Dutch East Indies, Ceylon

Kircher’s Museum in Rome

First edition of the first description of Kircher’s cabinet of wonders in Rome

Panorama of Utrecht

With a total length of almost 6 metres

The conquest of Mexico

First French edition

Satire print

Satire on the Catholic church with Hieronymus Bosch-like iconography

Portrait photography in Vienna

First and only edition of a privately printed photograph album

The book of secrets, 1664

Rare medical book with some of the oldest cooking receipts in Dutch

Japanese manuscript in Dutch

A fascinating Japanese description of eleven kinds of whale

Manuscript pharmacopoeia

About 900 medical recipes

Portuguese discoveries in poetry

Portuguese greatest literary work


Important work on Astronomy and Astral Trigonometry from one of the most famous Galileo disciples

Exquisite contemporary colouring

Handcoloured biblical/historical work by Basnage and De Hooghe

A gallery of costumes

106 fine hand coloured lithograph plates totalling some 2800 drawings of costumes and accessories

Important printing manual

The first French printing manual

Allegories on wealth and prison

Brilliantly coloured copy of the rare third edition of this lovely Emblem book

Medicine incunable with early bookplate

First organized treatise on medicine ever printed; with early bookplate attributed to Durer

“Ons tientje”

A book about the Dutch 10 guilder notes/pieces


First photographs of the sun surface by one of the founders of astrophotography

Illustrated by Beardsley

One of the masterpieces of bookmaking in the Nineties

Duhamel’s fruit trees

A superbly illustrated book on fruit and fruit trees

Dürer’s Ascension

The Ascension from Albrecht Dürer’s Little Passion

Book of hours

From the library of the King of Naples and Sicily

Book of hours

Complete book of hours, Northern France, ca. 1450

Amsterdam Golden Age

A glance of the housing conditions on the Amsterdam canals in the Golden Age

Dutch birds

Over 250 hand-coloured copper-engravings

Sea atlas

First and only edition of this pilote for the Mediterranean coasts

‘Royal paper’ copy

Large paper copy in a superb binding

The Proto-typographers of Brussels

First edition of one of the first books printed by the first Brussels printing press

Star map

Exceedingly rare book on the three great comets that appeared in 1618

Life of Jesus in Dutch

A rare middle-Dutch translation of the Life of Jesus (ca. 1450)

Singers by Adriaen van Ostade

The singers at the window by Adriaen van Ostade (1616-1685)

Colour-plate book on hunting

Second large paper edition with supplement on Australia

Rare treatise on Georgian music

Exceedingly rare manual for the study of Gregorian chants

Waghenaer’s exceedingly rare pilot book

With charts of the East and West Indies

Unknown biblical prints

Collection of 32 handcoloured engravings

Orchids from Indien Archipel

Complete copy with 70 plates (57 in colour)

The first Spanish sea Atlas

First complete edition with the two parts, comprising both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coasts


Splendid display of Augsburg prints relating to the great Lisbon earthquake and Augsburg

To Siberia and Peking on a sled

Account of the travel of a Dutch Merchant from Moscow to China

Yo El Rey

Original letter by King Philip II of Spain

Pair of Valk table globes

Rare pair of Valk table globes, Amsterdam 1750

Liber amicorum St. Petersburg

Illustrated album amicorum from St. Petersburg, Berlin, Trebnitz, Stettin. 1797- ca. 1814

The royal art of fencing

Splendid fencing manual of the young Prince de Condé with magnificent coloring and royal provenance

Cook’s second voyage

Tahiti, New Zealand, New Hebrides, New Caledonia, Easter Island…

A unique copy

Miraculous marbling with recipes and five extra marbled paper samples tipped-in

University Library Catalogue

One of the most representative sources of Oriental manuscript holdings

To South America

Important scientific expedition to South America, with nearly 500 plates

Three rare works on Japan

Collado’s Dictionarium, Ars Grammaticae and Nilfon no Cotobani. Rome, 1632. Bound in one volume

In Praise of Chateau Agimont

Dutch illustrated poem for a castle

First Dutch grammar printed in Japan

The first Japanese printed-book to include Western characters; the first Dutch Grammar in Japanese

The Book of Kings

Rare illuminated Persian manuscript with 48 miniatures

Turkey travel report by Nicolay, 1593

Account of a journey to Turkey illustrated with 61 woodcuts

Rare book on fortunes and misfortunes

Konst-spigel der Wereldlijke vermaken by Georg Siegler

Barbarelli’s awesome beard

Portrait of Giorgione Barbarelli engraved by Cornelis van Dalen II

Catchism in Tamil

Printed by the VOC Printing Press at Colombo

Exploration and discovery

First Latin edition of a justly celebrated work on African geography

One of 25 signed copies

Deluxe copy with handcoloured linocuts as frontispice and coverillustration by Floris Jespers

Exploration and discovery

Reports about the second siege of Diu

A rare plan of Amsterdam

Hand-coloured, double-page engraved town plan

Watercolour drawings

Album with Oriental costumes. Istanbul, Cairo


With handcoloured floral medallions

Travel album to Cuba

Fine illustrated Album Pintoresco

Philip II letter on publishing

Extremely rare letter from Philip II demonstrating a singular interest in academic texts production

Early diplomatic mission to Turkey

Detailed account of 16th century diplomatic mission to Ottoman Empire

Manual of folk medicine

Dutch translation with additions

Hunting in Alaska and Bering Sea

Rare account on a chase expedition in the arctic 1909 by Rudolf von Gutmann

First edition of Newton’s Opticks

Opticks: or, a treatise of the reflections, refractions, inflections and colours of light. London, 1704

Warhol’s Wild Raspberries

Rare early hand made artist’s book by Andy Warhol. New York, 1959. Inscribed by Warhol

Atlas of the Netherlands

First edition of the first folio atlas of the Netherlands

Mathematics manuscript

Description of a calculating instrument

Goethe in Karlsbad guest list

List of arriving spa guests in Karlsbad 1795 incl. the name of J.W. v. Goethe

Illustrated Italian Herbal

First edition of a popular italian herbal translated and published in several languages