Amsterdam International Antiquarian Book & Map Fair


Guided tours 2017

Sunday 1st October 13:00 & 15:00
The first guided tour will be given by Adriaan Plak. He is curator of Cultural history of the early modern period, church and religious history for the Special Collections Department of the University of Amsterdam.
The second guided tour will be given by Reinder Storm. He is curator of Cartography, geography and travel for the Special Collections Department of the University of Amsterdam

Exhibition 2017

Sunday 1st October
Rebellion printer Jan-Willem van der Looij will be presenting his contemporary letterpress printed posters and new booklet at the fair on Sunday October 1st. Come and see some live printing too!
While lacking all rigid rules of graphic design combined with a deep love for imperfection a lot of printed shit is created at his 'Mizdruk' printshop in Eindhoven. 'Ink it, don't think it' is what this is all about. Typo enlightenment and a maximalism in print is what pops up first. Printing is done in the good old Gutenberg tradition using wood and lead type. Inking is definitely not limited to black.


An exciting innovation in artistic book binding being described as " tattooed bindings" will soon be exhibited at the 2017 Amsterdam International Antiquarian Book Fair, September 30-October 1 at Marriott Hotel. Von Hemmersbach bindings have been displayed at the New York Fair last spring, in association with Bibliopathos, and have peaked the interest of some major collectors over the past year. The artist behind the creations is Aarom Von Hemmersbach, a Canadian tattoo artist who has developed a successful technique to decorate leather with embedded ink designs, connecting his passion of tattooing to his other passion, collecting rare and antiquarian books. Several examples will be on display and Mr. Von Hemmersbach will be in attendance as well during the event. Two of the bindings will be on loan from prominent collections, one from Grolier Club President, Mr. G. Scott Clemons, and the other from The Walker Library of the History of Human Imagination. As this binding style has never been seen in the realm of books before, it should certainly add to the ongoing excitement building around the Amsterdam International Antiquarian Book Fair this year. " It is widely understood that there are deep roots in tattooing in Amsterdam, and as a youth I would stare for hours at the pages of tattoo magazine articles about Henk Schiffmacher, and Pier de Haan (Tattoo Peter). These iconic artists, along with many more from around the world, inspired my own journey into the ancient art of tattooing. Amsterdam also has an incredibly rich history of book printing, bookbindings and the book trade, so it is a PERFECT location to exhibit this innovation. I am very grateful for the opportunity from Mr. Laurens Hesselink from Forum Antiquariaat, Bibliopathos and the Amsterdam Fair organization to showcase these bindings. "
-Aarom Von Hemmersbach
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